Video about the pilgrimage Via Francigena – A long distance walk -English

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The streaming film gives online answers to many questions that pilgrims have before a pilgrimage on foot or by bike. A gripping travel documentary about the pilgrimage route – Via Francigena! Route: Switzerland – Italy

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Film about foot pilgrimage along the historic Via Francigena

You will get practical answers to many questions pilgrims have before a long-distance hike or pilgrimage on foot.

A pilgrimage adventure / A journey of a different kind.

Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish.

In a gripping travel documentary about the Via Francigena (Franconian Way), the 1,000-year-old pilgrimage route with a total length of approx. 1,900 km, from Canterbury to Rome, the adventurous everyday life of a modern pilgrim who begins his journey in Lausanne (1,000 km before Rome) is conveyed at firsthand.

Finding the right way, being up to the physical strain, as well as the daily search for a good accommodation.

This physical and mental border crossing of the pilgrim leads through picturesque landscapes, which finds its climax in a still untouched Tuscany.

Through stirring accounts of experiences, viewers are enticed to pack their backpacks and set out on the journey themselves.


A short impression of the film you can watch on YouTube.

As a bonus, you will find interviews with experts on how a pilgrim can best prepare for such a journey. Internists, orthopedists, psychologists, spiritual dignitaries, osteopaths, and exercise therapists provide very useful tips and tricks on what to consider in order to face mental and physical challenges with ease.

With the download version, you will see the same informative and exciting film documentary as on the DVD.

This film was also broadcasted by some TV channels in Europe.


Bonus footage / Videos

Tips from experts on the positive effects of a pilgrimage on foot and how important the right preparation is.

Interviews from doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, church dignitaries, and pilgrimage travellers.

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